Aug 27, 2020

Foreclosure Avoided! 

4370 Cassiope Ct., Hemet, CA 92545

The administrator of this estate was overwhelmed with the probate process and had stopped making the mortgage payments for the property. Additionally, the tenants occupying the home had stopped paying rent. The seller was unsure if she would even be able to sell after so much time had passed and avoid a trustee sale. Trust Properties USA stepped in and was able to get the home listed right away as well as guide the administrator through the entire eviction process. After receiving multiple offers, the property sold over asking price! 

What would have been a complete loss, turned into a gain of $34,000 for the estate after the mortgage had been paid off.

 Trust Properties USA will help your client avoid foreclosure at ZERO Upfront Cost!

Trust Properties USA will front the mortgage payments throughout the time it takes to put the home on the market and get it sold in order to avoid foreclosure so that your client can gain the equity that their family member worked a lifetime for from the sale. We will also guide your client through the process of extending foreclosure or auction deadlines so that they are able to sell the home themselves.

In addition to fronting mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure, Trust Properties USA offers the following services at ZERO Upfront Cost!

If you have an estate which can benefit from these services, contact us at (800)579-4380 or at 

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