Jul 30, 2020

In order to maximize your profits from the sale of your estate, Trust Properties USA offers all services at ZERO Upfront Cost!

Managing an estate is an emotional and complicated task. Family conflict, repairs, market conditions, out-of-state trustees and financial constraints contribute to the challenge of selling an estate. Trust Properties USA has sold over 600 probate and trust estates. We know what it takes to get your home sold quickly, painlessly, and for top fair market value. 

Fix and Sell Strategy 

Oftentimes, probate and trust properties are sold in their “As-Is” condition at a low price, leaving the equity that the family worked a lifetime for on the table. With our unique “Fix and Sell” Strategy, we front the costs to rehab your home into move-in condition. Trust Properties USA helps you maximize value and sell your home quicker and for more money than the average agent.

Probate Filing Fees 

For those estates that have real estate, we will front the filing costs for the petition to be reimbursed from the proceeds of escrow. 


We have successfully completed hundreds of evictions. We will hire the eviction attorney, we will hire the locksmith. In addition to this, we will attend the sheriff’s lockout and photograph the entire process for the protection of the estate.  

Homeowners Insurance

If the home is vacant, the old policy for the decedent is no longer in force. We will front the cost for a new policy to cover the vacant home.  

Foreclosure Avoidance 

We will front your mortgage payments throughout the time it takes to put your home on the market and get it sold in order to avoid foreclosure so that you can gain the equity from the sale.

Estate Sales & Personal Property Disposal 

We partner with trusted and experienced estate selling professionals to ensure that your personal property will not be undervalued. Oftentimes, estates contain years of personal belongings. We will itemize this property and arrange for the storage, disposal, or donation of unwanted personal property including abandoned cars.

Property Security 

To maximize your home’s security, we re-key the doors and regularly conduct comprehensive inspections. Using ultra-strength Realtor lockboxes, we provide secure accessibility to the property to be toured by cooperating brokers and their buyers.

We appreciate the opportunity to represent you and do a great job for you and your family. Please contact us at (800)579-4380 for a no cost, no obligation evaluation. 


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