Jul 24, 2020

Below are critical questions to ask when interviewing a Realtor to handle your probate or trust estate:

  • How many probate sales have they done

This question will help you to learn more about the breadth of experience that this Realtor has in probate sales. They should be able to cite specific instances in which they have had to overcome difficulties in a probate sale and how they did so. They should also be able to anticipate potential difficulties specific to your situation, and present a plan for how to handle these. A Realtor who has had extensive probate experiences will have processes and procedures in place to handle any issue that comes up, which will save you stress during an already difficult time.

  • What is the difference between a probate sale and a standard sale?

This is not necessarily a question that you are asking to learn for yourself, as you may have already conducted research and feel that you have a good understanding of the differences. This is a question to test your Realtor’s understanding, to see if they are able to explain these differences to you in a way that is simple, concise, and reflects their overall familiarity with the probate process.

  • Do they understand the nuances to help you with your particular situation?

While it is very important that your realtor understands the general nuances of a probate real estate sale, such as probate-specific contracts and court confirmation, oftentimes families have unique situations to deal with when having to sell a home in probate that require an even further understanding of the process. Examples of these can include necessary repairs in a home that has deferred maintenance, previous tenants who are uncooperative in moving out, or foreclosure avoidance in a home that is at risk of default. 
Your family’s home is typically the estate’s most valuable asset. Your Realtor should be able to offer specific solutions to any issue in order to maximize your family’s equity and minimize your stress. 

  • Is your attorney familiar with this realtor? 

Your attorney is there to be your family’s trusted advisor in all things relating to the probate process, and choosing a Realtor should be no different. Ask your attorney if he or she has heard of this Realtor and the work that they do to help families get through the probate process smoothly. When in doubt, ask your attorney to speak to this Realtor in order to gauge their familiarity with the probate process and your specific situation. 

Your goal in choosing a probate Realtor should be to avoid having to seek out help from your attorney in situations where your Realtor should know what to do, as this could incur additional attorney fees on top of the commission that you are already paying.  

Trust Properties USA is happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the probate sale process. With over 600 Probate and Trust estates sold, we have to experience necessary to get the job done. We would love to speak to you about how the services that we offer at no upfront cost can help your family gain top dollar in the sale of your home.



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